(GSA) Federal Government General Services Administration Shredders

GSA General Services Administration

Shredder-Depot.com carries 2 shredder brands on the GSA contract. We do everything we can for Federal agencies to bring the highest quality and best priced shredders.

Olympia has been making quality office products for over 110 years. It’s a name known and respected for superior office equipment.Dahle has over 75 years of experience making professional office products.

Dahle paper shredders meet the strictest safety standards and highest quality and professional grade products.

High Security Paper Shredders (GSA) Federal Government

High Security Paper Shredders NSA/CSS 02-01 also known as Level 6 Paper Shredders are APPROVED by the Department of Defense. The U.S. Department of Defense requires that destroyed TOP SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL documents be reduced to level 6 security. These shredders will only shred paper.

Personal Paper Shredders (GSA) Federal Government

With a personal paper shredder you protect your privacy by shredding at the source. The FTC estimates 9 million Americans with have their identities stolen each year. Thieves can steal your information by DUMPSTER DIVING, then rummage through trash looking for bills and personal information.

Small Office Paper Shredders (GSA) Federal Government

With an Office Paper Shredders you can maintain security throughout the office. Leave one beside a copier or fax and these shredders stop information leaks before they happen. Office shredders have feed opening up to 16 inches and can handle a variety of documents, including continuous forms.

Mid-Size Office Paper Shredders (GSA) Federal Government

With most offices using networked printers and fax machines, confidential business information is constantly being printed throughout the workday. It’s imperative to have a powerful paper shredder nearby to shred this information. Dahle and Olympia Mid-size Office Shredders are designed to accommodate the needs of most busy offices.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder (GSA) Federal Government

All Heavy Duty Papers shredders are rated for continuous duty. They are designed to shred large amounts of paper on a daily basis and are best located in a centralized area or next a copier or fax machine. When you shred at the source you are best protect against identity theft.

CD & Mulitmedia Shredders (GSA) Federal Government

GSA APPOVED Special Solutions with Media Shredders Specialty Media Shredders for CD-ROMS, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks, Zip Disks, 4mm DAT tapes and LS 120 superdisks.