Laminators will protect material from moisture, spills, dirt & dust, tears, fading and tampering. It adds durability and strength to materials and improves looks of documents. The two main types of laminators are, roll laminators and pouch laminators. The both use a clear plastic with a heat activated glue on one side. When the glue is heated by either a heat shoe or heated roller the material will stick to the glue and become encapsulated within the plastic. There are many uses for laminators, please feel free to call us for any information you may need.

Roll Laminators

OffiWire Light Weight Manual Punch
Roll laminators are typically used for larger jobs. These machines are available in widths from 18” up to 63” the most popular size being 27”. The larger large ones being for wide format laminating and mounting on foam board. Schools and print shops are common users of roll laminators due to the lower cost of running the machines. You can laminate large quantities at a relatively low cost as compared to other forms of laminating.

Pouch Laminators

WireMac Medium Duty Manual Punch
Pouch laminators are easy to use, lightweight and portable making them ideal for small jobs. You can laminate school ID’s, driver’s licenses, menus, photos and important documents. Pouch laminators use pouches to encapsulate documents. Pouches are available in many sizes and weight thicknesses. The heavier the pouch the more protection your document will have.